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Vivien Leigh in That Hamilton Woman 


Do you know how many lives could be saved by remembering: Love is not an excuse…?

"The film has no extra gestures. It regards with a level, interested gaze. The camera by its discipline discourages us from interpreting Nana’s life in a melodramatic way. There is that dry French logic, the way every sentiment seems prefaced by an inaudible ‘of course.’ Curious, then, how moving Anna Karina makes Nana. She waits, she drinks, she smokes, she walks the streets, she makes some money, she turns herself over to the first pimp she meets, she gives up control of her life. There is one scene where she dances to a jukebox and laughs, and we can glimpse the young girl that may be inside, that may be her soul. The rest is all outside." — Roger Ebert on Vivre sa vie

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this blog is going through a series of changes.

i’ve realized i have changed a lot and i’ve been neglecting this blog, which caused it to not change with me.

i have considered deleting it and making another, but i think it would be unfair with the people who still go through this blog, the people i talk through here, alongside with not wanting to lose this blog’s content and my (precious) url.

so, i will stay here on prozacnations, but a lot of changes will come - i also plan to be more talkative and communicate more, i’ve always been quite shy to post here and always had the fear of boring people.

i hope you guys stick with me through the changes (which are basically transforming this blog into something that conveys me better), to hose who do not like them and plan to unfollow: thank you so much for following me on the first place (really!) and i’m sorry the blog no longer pleases you, for those who plan to stay: thank you so much for staying here, i hope this blog entertains you and i hope we get to know each other better!!

thanks for taking the time to read, kisses :*

t.A.T.u. + white (1/?)

"Hey Paige, it’s me. I heard what happened to you, in the locker room. I should have called you sooner. I’m sorry if this was because of what you told me about Mona, which I think it was. I’m sorry I put you in the middle of all this."


Vivien Leigh during a press conference in New York City, 1960.

look @ her stance


"What did I do to anyone that was so bad that I deserve this?”

Marilyn by Phil Stern in December 1953.

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday (1953)