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Ingrid Bergman

29.08.1915 - 29.08.1982


emily fields + season 5a outfits (part 1)

Sometimes she was casually gay, while other times she literally out gayed herself.


"you shouldn’t be depressed, people have it worse than you"

finally, after years of searching, the person with the worst life ever is found. formally, they are granted permission to be sad. but only them. only they have earned it. no sads for anyone else at all ever

I love you forever, I love you forever


sailor moon crystal: one gifset per episode → usagi - sailor moon (act. 1)

Old Hollywood Tag


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Audrey Hepburn: Have you ever gone hunting?

Bette Davis: What is your eye color?

Cary Grant: What is your favorite accent?

Doris Day: Are you a vegetarian?

Elizabeth Taylor: Do you wear perfume?

Fred Astaire: Do you like to dance?

Gregory Peck: Do you root for the good guy or the bad guy?

Humphrey Bogart: Do you have any scars?

Ingrid Bergman: What is your favorite flower?

James Dean: Have you ever been in a car crash?

Katharine Hepburn: Skirts or pants?

Lauren Bacall: What makes you nervous?

Marlon Brando: Do you wear hats?

Norma Shearer: Are you a feminist?

Olivia de Havilland: What foreign countries have you visited?

Paulette Goddard: Do you prefer black & white or color films?

Steve McQueen: Have you ever been arrested?

Rita Hayworth: What color is your hair?

Spencer Tracy: Are you good at lying?

Thelma Ritter: What is your favorite holiday?

Peter Ustinov: Have you ever served in the military?

Vivien Leigh: Cats or dogs?

Natalie Wood: Do you have any fears?

Rex Harrison: Broadway or Hollywood?

Yvonne De Carlo: What is your heritage?

ZaSu Pitts: Are you funny?

Before something great happens, everything falls apart. Just hold on long enough to get through the smoke screen.

Keith Sweat (via grantcary)


film meme | 2/3 genres 

Film noir


No one has the power to label you & shouldn’t judge for how you label yourself. Just love who you love and the world would be much simpler”

-Kaelyn Petras. kaeandlucy lucyelizabeth